In a long-term relationship? Wanting to “spice up” your sex life?, Buying a new piece of lingerie or a pair of handcuffs often ends up being gimmicky and disappointing. The new PlayLab from Kenneth Play will share sex hacks that his private clients pay $1,000 for. Now you can access that same curriculum for 10% of the price!

This PlayLab is for:

– Husbands that are devoted to their wives’ pleasure.

– Wives who are struggling to communicate their desires.

– Couples who are curious about their pleasure potential and want to try on different styles of play.

– Couples who are stuck in a routine and not sure where to go or how to spice it up.

In this PlayLab live stream, you will learn about:

– Cliteracy… Understanding female anatomy of pleasure

– Erotic touch and the science behind it

– Different types of orgasms

– Making time for sex

– Breaking stale sexual routines

– Asking for what you want

– Sharing sexual fantasies that really arouse you

– Shifting from lovey time to sexy time

– Discovering mutual turn-ons

– Techniques that will deepen your sexual intimacy as a couple

– Managing common issues like performance anxiety, ED, and premature ejaculation with Dr. Megan, sex therapist extraordinaire


What to Expect

We’re now bringing the immersive experience of a live PlayLab straight to your bedroom. You can set up your own environment and get comfortable. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

The PlayLab has three parts:

  1. A TedTalk-style lecture by Kenneth about cliteracy, sexual communication, and pleasure.
  2. A live demo of Kenneth's favorite sex hacks.
  3. A conversation with Dr. Megan about common struggles couples in long-term relationships face! 


Kenneth coaches couples to work on practical sex hacks that can be used for a lifetime. His coaching has been featured in Vice, GQ, Thrillist, Time Out, Playboy, Psych N Sex, and Fatherly. Here’s what his clients have to say:

“WOW! My wife was blown away. She said she did not know her body was capable of those wonderful feelings! Kenneth knows how to “hit the spots”. He is also a good teacher, and you will enjoy “hitting the spots” for a long time. Definitely worth the money. Just do it!”

“Kenneth is a sexual magician. He truly sees you as an individual and a couple and figures out what you need in the first session. He has a gift for taking you past what you thought your limits were, all the while creating a safe container for learning and exploration.”


Dr. Megan Fleming

Special guest collaborator Dr. Megan joins Kenneth to combine all their knowledge about this topic. Dr. Megan has been practicing as a Clinical Psychologist for over 15 years. She is a diplomat certified sex therapist through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and specializes in working with couples to make intentional relationship choices. Clients rave about her:

“Dr. Megan has been pivotal in helping my husband and I. She is our “go-to” for working through specific and difficult situations over the last 10 years. Sometimes we work through the issues in a few sessions, sometimes it takes longer. Her guidance is always on point and insightful.”

Check out some of Dr. Megan's fantastic content for men in relationships:




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